Abigail Woolustuc
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Side Good witch
Wand Unknown
Birth and Death Unknown
Job None
Loyalty Woolustuc family
Cigam Council

Abigail Woolustuc was a witch and member of the Cigam Council. Around her later life, she married Reginald Joshman and gave birth to James and Timothy Woolustuc.

She joined the Cigam Council around 2016, after finding out that Harold ForHenry was not a criminal.


Meeting Thomas JoshmanEdit

In August, 2014, Timothy Woolustuc came to the house with his best friend Thomas Joshman via Sunstaring. In the morning, she greeted Tom into the welcoming household.

The family then visited the Wizard Town with their magical car.

Bendrist's FuneralEdit

In August, 2016, she attended Percival Bendrist's funeral after his tragic murder from Cedric Quelfree (it was meant to be Oswald Umegruff). She brought a hankercheif to wipe her eyes with.

Physical descriptionEdit

"'[...] and a woman with shoulder-length blonde hair welcomed him [...]'"
—Abigail Woolustuc

Abigail had shoulder-length blonde hair and was very tall during her older years.

Personality and traitsEdit

Woolustuc was very kind, helpful, protective and strict during her lifetime. She cared very much for her family and worked a lot for them, including visitors such as Olivia Pardelfoff, the Cigam Council and Thomas Joshman.



Herbert WoolustucEdit

Herbert Woolustuc was Abigail's husband and spouse. Their relationship is obviously strong, as they married and kept together for a long time.

James WoolustucEdit

James Woolustuc, or known as Jim, was her eldest son. She was probably quite upset when he left to visit America in 2011.

Timothy WoolustucEdit

She had a strong relationship with her youngest son, Timothy Herbert Woolustuc. They both (with the 2 other members) joined the Cigam Council in 2016.

Thomas JoshmanEdit

She was automatically friendly with Thomas Joshman as he was a guest at the start, but then as the years passed, their friendship developed higher and higher aswell as with the other family members.

Percival BendristEdit

Abigail must of been a close friend of Percival Bendrist, as she was at his funeral and cried for him.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Despite having "messy and shoulder-length blonde hair" like in the fourth book, the later adaptations in Donut4's mind were her with long, straight hair