Christmas is a time of year which takes place on December 25. In Milkenshland, Christmas holidays start on Christmas Eve (December 24) and end on January 1.

Thomas Joshman's ChristmasesEdit


In the 2011 Christmas, Tom stopped behind at Milkenshland to get presents and the dinner. This was a normal Christmas day though.


In the 2012 Christmas, the newly jailbreak Mirumorz broke into Milkenshland and murdered Hickory Hunk, also starting a skirmish. Hunk was burried after.


In the 2013 Christmas, Tom asked the Human Studies teacher Patrick Nortons about the Superior Wand and Immortality Stones.


In the 2014 Christmas, The Government of Magic voted Susan Roddle as new headmistress of Milkenshland. Bendrist joined again later though.


In the 2015 Christmas, Thomas Joshman and Timothy Woolustuc were sent to work for Matt Miars because of their break-in to Milkenshtown.


In the 2016 Christmas, Tim and Tom were teleported by Terminus Nathans back to 14 Applescoff Road. This strongly annoyed the friends.