Edward "Eddie" Fishfield was a wizard who attended Milkenshland along with his twin brother. Eddie was sorted into Team 5, along with his brother, and pulled pranks on other students.

When Eddie grew up he married a woman and had a child named Isaac Fishfield. Fishfield and his brother owned the Map of Milkenshland from an unknown time to 2015, when they gave it to Thomas Joshman.

He has blonde hair.


"Isaac snickered and imitated Scotty in a high-pitched voice, "I mean it! I'll give you a billion years detention! I mean it! I'll make you write 'Scotty Hennyfore is cool and you are not'!""
—Isaac's trait of Cheekiness passed down from his father

Edward is the son of Ronald Fishfield, brother of Fred Fishfield, and the father of Isaac Fishfield