Emerald Redruby
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Side Good witch
Wand Unknown
Birth and Death September 24, 1955
Job Groundskeeper
Animals teacher
Loyalty Milkenshland
First Appearance Thomas Joshman and the Mirror of Dreams

Emerald Jessica Redruby (b. September 24, 1955) was the Animals teacher and groundskeeper of the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland. She was loyal to Thomas Joshman, Timothy Woolustuc and Olivia Pardelfoff and ended up participating in the Battle of Milkenshland.


Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Emerald's school life, but she went to Milkenshland with her brother Alex.

Later lifeEdit

Redruby got accepted as Groundskeeper/Animals teacher in 1977. She met Thomas Joshman and Timothy Woolustuc and they started trusting Redruby.