Vital statistics
Gender Male
Side Good Bongwomp
Wand None
Birth and Death Unknown
Job Slave
Loyalty Cigam Council
Thomas Joshman: "What's this?"
Fog: "The Sword of Milkenshland, it can destroy Immortality Stones, I thought you might need it. After overhearing on Cigam meetings"
— Fog giving Tom the Sword of Matthew Milkenshland

Fog was a Bongwomp and slave of Harold ForHenry. He was a Cigam Council member/servant and also liked to sneak on the meetings in order to give information to Tom, Tim and Olivia.


14 Applescoff RoadEdit

Fog had lived at 14 Applescoff Road for ages as a slave. He worked as the member's cook and maid-man.

Immortality Stone HuntEdit

With Thomas Joshman's unauthorized orders, Fog had to destroy Mirumorz's second Immortality Stone (third made) and was ashamed of himself afterwards, giving the sword back and teleporting back to an unknown location.