Georgia Dagricle (d. April 2, 2017) was a witch and member of Mirumorz's Army. Serving as Samuel Petrellico's most faithful servant, she participated in the Battle of the Tomb of the Government, Battle of Bendrist and the Battle of Milkenshland.



In 2015, in the Battle of the Tomb of the Government, she introduced herself as Georgia Dagricle, and fought Bendrist's Fighters.

Later that year in September, she told Cedric Quelfree on Mirumorz's orders to protect Oswald Umegruff, for he was to kill Percival Bendrist.


She was notified of the Battle of Bendrist and joined.

In September, new Headmaster Quelfree employed her as Deputy Headmistress and Spells teacher.


On April 2, 2017, she automatically became Headmistress and got killed by Thomas Joshman.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dagricle has long, black hair and a grey lace dress. She is known to have unbrushed teeth and enormous gloves.

Personality and traitsEdit

Georgia was extremely evil and torturous, she threatened to kill people for fun.

She is power-hungry and murderous, and was actually a criminal for it. She was also extremely loyal to her master as she would assist him at any time, any fight or any enemy.

Magical abilitiesEdit