Harold ForHenry
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Side Good wizard
Wand Unknown
Birth and Death Unknown
Job None
Loyalty Cigam Council

Harold "Harry" ForHenry (b. 1960) was a Cigam Council member and uncle of Thomas Joshman and Patrick Joshman. He was friends with John Elfratte, Cedric Quelfree and Ebony Joshman at school. Harold participated in the Battle of Bendrist in 2016 and witnessed the death of Percival Bendrist.


Going to MilkenshlandEdit


Cedric Quelfree (left) Harold ForHenry (middle) John Elfratte (right)

On the Milkenshland Plane he met (in order) John Elfratte, Ebony Joshman and Cedric Quelfree. He became friends with the three students and they had a fun time at Milkenshland.

Battle of BendristEdit

He participated in the Battle of Bendrist after being convicted of being a criminal. He escaped Alakazap to find Thomas Joshman and see him for the first time.

ForHenry managed to do this on May 10, 2016.

Battle of MilkenshlandEdit

He participated in the life-threatening Battle of Milkenshland and survived.

Physical appearanceEdit

"A man with shoulder-length black hair and a pitch black goatee entered the room, he had a shaggy mustache and deep, chocolaty-brown eyes"

Harold had shoulder-length pitch black hair and a shaggy goatee and mustache. He was known to have "deep, chocolaty brown eyes".

When he was young he had messy black hair and light brown eyes.

Personality and traitsEdit

ForHenry was a kind, generous and understandable person who would help his nephew in any time of need, example: When he needed to ask questions about Bendrist.

Magical abilities and skillsEdit


His gang of schoolfriendsEdit

John ElfratteEdit


John Elfratte

John Elfratte was ForHenry's best friend even before their reign at Milkenshland. They met on the plane together and celebrated the hope of getting in Team 5.

Cedric Quelfree & Ebony JoshmanEdit

John and Harold both met these in seats in one booth. They asked if they could join the booth and Quelfree accepted.

Samuel PetrellicoEdit



Samuel Petrellico was one of ForHenry's worsest enemies, they were at school together and since Harold watched him kill Morgan Steel they remained enemies.

Thomas JoshmanEdit

Thomas Joshman was Harold's nephew; so he had to love him. ForHenry showed up when Tom needed help. Such as the Battle of Bendrist and Battle of Milkenshland.

Timothy Woolustuc and Olivia PardlefoffEdit

He liked Timothy Woolustuc and Olivia Pardelfoff automatically too, as they were Thomas Joshman's best friends.


"Fog has made food for the filthy scum on this table, which he never wanted to serve in his life"
Fog includes ForHenry in this statement

Fog the Bongwomp was the slave of the Cigam Council. Harold developed great spite for this Bongwomp, but tinsy specks of love. He had to order it about to do literally anything though.

Terminus NathansEdit

Harold hated and made fun of Terminus Nathans like every other Cigam Council member. Which led to Nathans leaving the council.

Behind the ScenesEdit