"Yes. I have talked to their leader, Lord Hyes Kankrick and he has agreed to assist in our attack"
Mirumorz to Robert Umegruff

Lord Hyerris "Hyes" Kankrick II is the leader of the Evil Group and an ally of Mirumorz's Army.

He took part in the Battle of the Tomb of the Government, Battle of Bendrist and the Battle of Milkenshland. He was sent to hunt Thomas Joshman and Timothy Woolustuc in the early months of 2017.


Samuel PetrellicoEdit


Samuel Petrellico

Kankrick is allied with Mirumorz/Samuel Petrellico and will respond to his orders with loyalty, as shown in Tomb of the Government and Quest to Death. He was alerted that Fog had destroyed an Immortality Stone in 2017 and was sent by his allied friend to kill Thomas Joshman and Timothy Woolustuc for their leadership of Fog.

In the summer of 2016, he was so loyal that he was able to attend a very important meeting which Petrellico had booked.

Eddie and Freddie FishfieldEdit

Freddie Fishfield: "Nice to meet you, Freddie Fishfield. One of the most popular students in Milkenshland, cool guy, and cool guy"
Hyes Kankrick: "Who in God's world are you two?"
Freddie Fishfield: "I already introduced myself"
Freddie and Eddie Fishfield's joke on Kankrick

Kankrick met the twins in the early months of 2017, after an Immortality Stone had been destroyed. Eddie and Freddie Fishfield pulled a brave joke on the Evil Group member, leading them to be enemies of Hyes. They also revealed Kankrick's real name (Hyerris Kankrick II) which fully embarrased the leader of the Evil Group to bits.

The Evil GroupEdit

Hyes was known to care and protect his members, he seemed to get overannoyed all the time when Mirumorz told them to do things or scared them. However though, Kankrick still kept his allyship with Mirumorz's Army and went on with it - after showing his annoyance.