Timothy Woolustuc/Jay Timper: "Pesky Ligobites, always explode water all over-Oh Hi Tom!"
Cedric Quelfree: "Good afternoon, Jay. How are you? And what do you mean? Tom?"
Timothy Woolustuc/Jay Timper: "I'm fine, wait. Are you Cedric Quelfree?"
— Woolustuc accidently runs into the real Quelfree, (Thomas Joshman impersonated Quelfree, so there were 2 Quelfrees in the building)
Jay Timper
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Side Unknown
Wand Unknown
Birth and Death Unknown
Job Government of Magic employee
Loyalty *Government of Magic
First Appearance Thomas Joshman and the Quest to Death

Jay Timper is a wizard and member of the Government of Magic. He was impersonated by Mirumorz in the infultration, and then impersonated by Timothy Woolustuc so that he and his friends could collect information about Petrellico's Immortality Stones.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • According to Donut4, Timper is portrayed as "one of the unluckiest characters". Possibly because he was impersonated twice, and then told off by Henry Fropple, even though he was innocent.