John Seymour Elfratte (b. August 8, 1960 d. April 3, 2017) was a member of Cigam Council. In the 2015 - 2016 school year, he was the Human Studies teacher.

He owned the Pearl of Power for an unknowningly long time, until Thomas Joshman smashed it in 2017.


John grew up in an unwealthy family, and didn't know how to talk much. In 1969, he was accepted into the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland, where (on the plane) he met Ebony Joshman, Cedric Quelfree and Harold ForHenry. John was at school in the same time as Samuel Petrellico, and witnessed Morgan Steel's murder.

Elfratte presumabely got good grades in H.A.F.T. and S.T.O.W. because he became Human Studies teacher and a Cigam Council member.


As Human Studies teacher, he tought students about the crimes of Harold ForHenry, until ForHenry said to him in a frog message he was no criminal. Elfratte then joined the Council. John fought in the Battle of Bendrist and then the Battle of Milkenshland, which he was killed in.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Donut4 originally stated that John would either be a human who could turn into an elf, or a rat. Or an elf who could turn into a rat, this encouraged the name Elfratte. However, Donut4 went along with the idea that he was just a wizard.


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