This is the list of people who've died in the Thomas Joshman series so far. The list goes by mention, example:

  • If someone died in 1940, but was mentioned in the first book, that person would be IN the first book section.

Thomas Joshman and the Mirror of DreamsEdit

Name Killed by Cause Date of Death Last lines Notes
Victor Mirumorz Black smoke spell September 4, 2011 Unknown Mirumorz used black smoke to kill Victor. Possibly to torture Thomas Joshman.
Edgus Mirumorz Unknown September 7, 2012 Unknown Possibly to torture Thomas Joshman
Wilfred Mirumorz Unknown September 10, 2011 Unknown Possibly to torture Thomas Joshman
Milkenshland ghoul Thomas Joshman Tom lit a fire

June 29, 2012

None Tom was looking for the Mirror of Dreams.
Imsto Fcreeb Thomas Joshman Tom clasped his hands around Fcreebs' head disintergrating him June 30, 2012 "JOIN US!" Tom was searching for the Mirror of Dreams.

Thomas Joshman and the Duel of DarknessEdit

Name Killed by Cause Date of death Last words Notes
Gavreda Nortons Mirumorz Moordmurha September 2, [[20 None Mirumorz tortured Gavreda into telling him where Thomas Joshman was
Fake Donald Thomas Joshman Moordmurha November 3, 2012 Nonee This fake Donald tried killing Thomas Joshman since he was an Agracapalcarexelatori
Hickory Hunk Mirumorz Moordmurha December 25, 2012 Unknown Mirumorz had a duel and killed Hickory Hunk.