"My brother told me about his fighters and I joined. I'm ready to 'KILL' that Roddle!"
—Oliver and Bendrist's Fighters

Oliver Wilfred Keaten Bendrist III is the brother of Percival Bendrist. Oliver joined Bendrist's Fighters after a crave to kill Susan Roddle for what she was doing to the school.


Coming under the passageEdit

Oliver became a member of Bendrist's Fighters and helped in the plot to

Susan Roddle, his mortal enemy

disband Susan Roddle. He snook into the castle via a secret passage.

He most likely fought in the Battle of the Tomb of the Government.

Battle of BendristEdit

He probably fought in the Battle of Bendrist, as all of the Bendrist's Fighters members were there.

Battle of MilkenshlandEdit

Oliver and Thomas Joshman discussed the battle locations together, so Bendrist would obviously have fought in the Battle of Milkenshland alongside all of the other Milkenshland-defenders.

Physical descriptionEdit


The Battle of Milkenshland

"Cameron pushed the sofa away and a man in a long, white beard and purple robes came out of a large square hole beneath the sofa"
—Oliver seen for the first time

Bendrist looks exactly like his brother. With a long white beard and purple robes.

Personality and traitsEdit

Oliver is kind and identical to Bendrist. He doesn't get jokes sometimes though, like when he got angry about Thomas Joshman saying a joke.

He is initially protective and defendive, and will protect his allies from harm in any moment of need.

Magical abilities and skillsEdit


Susan RoddleEdit

Susan Roddle was Oliver Bendrist's archest enemy, and he even literally wanted to kill her.

Bendrist's FightersEdit

Bendrist joined Bendrist's Fighters unofficially in 2015 and helped in the Plot to disband Susan Roddle.

Thomas JoshmanEdit

He didn't get Thomas Joshman's jokes very well, and merely despised them.

One example for this is in the Battle of Milkenshland.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This man was clearly in Team 5. Because, even with the secret passage, he would have been unallowed into the Team 5 Hang-Out Room.