Plot to disband Thomas Joshman
Vital statistics
Location S.T.O.W. Reading Classroom
Date 2014 - 2015
Participants Harold Emeralson
Government of Magic
Description Emerald Redruby was attacked by Phantoms and it was blamed on Thomas Joshman
"Thomas will be hunted, tortured then sent to Alakazap Junior Jail until he is 35."
—The Wizard Daily

This plot was laid by Harold Emeralson to convict Thomas Joshman of "killing" Emerald Redruby.

Background informationEdit


Phantoms were sent on Emerald Redruby by Susan Roddle on Samuel Petrellico's orders, Thomas Joshman however witnessed the scene and Harold Emeralson, President of Magic, tried to expell and arrest Tom for it.