Stuart Thomson
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Side Unknown
Wand Unknown
Birth and Death Unknown
Job (Maybe an) Official in the Government of Magic
Loyalty Government of Magic
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Thomson: "The vote shall start"
Emeralson: "Yes I agree Thomson"
Roddle: "Stuart, may you collect the notes from my desk"
Thomson: "Yes"
— Before the Headmaster elections in 2014

Stuart Thomson was a Government of Magic employee during 2014. He worked with Harold Emeralson and Susan Roddle in the Plot to disband Thomas Joshman, and then voted Roddle as Headmistress of Milkenshland than Percival Bendrist.


Headmaster elections in 2014Edit


Susan Roddle

In the 2014 Headmaster election of Milkenshland, he surely voted Susan Roddle so that he didn't get critisized or imprisoned by the Government of Magic, it is unknown if he and Thomas Joshman ever became fond again.