Susan Roddle
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Side Dark witch
Wand Diamondburst web, 13 centimetres
Birth and Death Unknown
Job Government of Magic employee
Milkenshland teacher (formerly)
Loyalty Government of Magic
Mirumorz's Army
First Appearance Thomas Joshman and the Tomb of the Government
Tim: "So - Roddle is actually evil and a killer?"
Tom: "Yes, don't you see"
Timothy Woolustuc and Thomas Joshman discussing Roddle.

Susan Roddle is a member of the Government of Magic, and head of the American Control Department, in office 666.

Roddle became a teacher at Milkenshland in 2014 and fakely died in 2015, leaving the school as a teacher. In a detention, she tried murdering Thomas Joshman with a gruesome spell.

Headmistress reignEdit

"Hello students. I am Headmistress Susan Roddle. Mr Bendrist has the Goryo Sickness and will not return - ever - again," said Roddle as she giggled evilly. "STOW classes will take place each day, including weekends. Free time will be taken away and replaced with your normal 35 minutes of studying"
—Susan Roddle's 2015 speech.

In the Christmas of 2014, she was voted for Headmistress by Stuart Thomson and Harold Emeralson. Percival Bendrist was sacked as headmaster and after the holidays all students of the school were notified of the new headmistress of Milkenshland. Susan overabused her powers and forced the children of Milkenshland to study in free time, and also still go to classes on weekends.

Roddle got some people to install a prison underneath her office rug so that she could send misbehaving students to their punishment. The prison was in an underground corridor guarded by Phantoms, which also patrolled the airvent incase anybody found it.

Behind the ScenesEdit