Thomas Joshman and the Mirror of Dreams
(published: April 3, 2011)
is a book made by Donut4 which is about boys called Thomas Joshman and Timothy Woolustuc. They get educated at the National Magical Academy of Milkenshland and at the end of the year, Tom fights the evil demon teacher, Imsto Fcreeb. It is the first book of the Thomas Joshman series. Tim and Tom get an arch-enemy at school named Oswald Umegruff, and Tom makes it unknowingly onto the Team 5 Fobull Match. The story is here.

Book MistakesEdit

  • Milkenshland letters are written before the year starts but Percival Bendrist wrote his letter to Romolus Jakavenn during the school year.
  • At the end of the book it says they went on the train home, however though, Milkenshland uses a plane to get to and from.
  • Cedric Quelfree was mentioned as Potions teacher after when Tim and Tom found out he was CEQ. But Quelfree is the Spells teacher.
  • When the first years go to Milkenshland, it is mentioned as 'Human-like'. But in all other books, it is a huge castle.