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Thomas Joshman and the Quest to Death is the final and sixth book of Thomas Joshman, it will be released on June 6, 2012.

The Battle of Milkenshland takes place, along with the Infultration of the Government of Magic, Immortality Stone hunt and more.


"The Meeting"Edit

Mirumorz meets with his fellow Evil Group and Mirumorz's Army.

"Getting Ready"Edit

Thomas Joshman and Timothy Woolustuc are absolutely saddened about the funeral.

"The Funeral"Edit

Percival Bendrist's funeral takes place at the Woolustuc's house.


The Cigam Council battle Mirumorz's allies in the sky.

"Applescoff Road"Edit

Tom and Tim are new to 14 Applescoff Road.


Tom, Tim and Olivia plan the Infultration of the Government of Magic.

"Trouble Ahead"Edit

The trio drink the Bearroni Santu and get ready to infultrate.


They disguise into the Government of Magic and steal an Immortality Stone.

"Plan End"Edit

The guards find out its them, so the trio teleport into a forest.

"Cedric Quelfree"Edit

Quelfree is the Headmaster of Milkenshland, and he has strict rules.

"Life as a Stone Hunter"Edit

They need to hunt food now, and set up tents in the middle of nowhere.

"Tim and Tom"Edit

Olivia angrily leaves Tim and Tom. So the boys have to hunt the Immortality stones themselves.

"Hyes vs the Twins"Edit

Hyes Kankrick comes, but Eddie and Freddie Fishfield have a "little joke" with him.


Terminus Nathans annoyingly teleports Tim and Tom back to Applescoff Road, so that they leave their destination.

"Quelfree and Mirumorz"Edit

Mirumorz murders Cedric Quelfree, Tim and Tom then come after and see Quelfree about to die.

"The Dark Forest"Edit

Tim and Tom teleport to the Dark Forest unknowingly. They meet Olivia there again too.

"Back Again"Edit

Tom, Tim and Olivia go back to Milkenshland; via a Telescoping spell.

"The Greatest Battle Ever Known"Edit

The Battle of Milkenshland is about to start, so the Cigam Council, Bendrist's Fighters, teachers, students and everyone come to the school.

"The Battle of Milkenshland"Edit

The huge battle begins.


Bob Kompson transforms into a werewolf, and is ready to bite Tom.

"Dead Friends"Edit

John Elfratte, Susan Roddle and Ronald Fishfield die.


Oswald Umegruff and Thomas Joshman meet and have a duel, and then a little chat.

"Quelfree's Memory"Edit

Tom views Cedric Quelfree's memories and sees his childhood.

"Thomas Joshman's Death"Edit

Thomas Joshman fakely dies, just for a diversion for Mirumorz.

"No More Mirumorz"Edit

Mirumorz dies at last.


Tom's child, Harold Joshman, meets Percival Bendrist and Brandon Umegruff as new best friends.

"A New Milkenshland"Edit

Grace Centaur-Winshire and Isaac Fishfield welcome the trio to Milkenshland.