Thomas Joshman and the Secrets of Wizardry
(published: 19 January 2012) is the fifth book of the Thomas Joshman series.


"The Death Promise"Edit

Cedric Quelfree promises to protect Oswald Umegruff from danger. So Georgia Dagricle makes sure the promise isn't broken.

"The Room of Rememberance"Edit

Tom's father is killed so he goes in the Woolustuc's Room of Rememberance, but the portraits of old family members argue.

"The Wizard Town Dead"Edit

The Wizard Town is completely ruined, all because of Mirumorz's Army. Bendrist has to bring Tom and Tim into Milkenshland via a spell.

"John Elfratte"Edit

The new Human Studies teacher John Elfratte teaches about mysterious human killer Harold ForHenry.

"Eddie and Freddie"Edit

Eddie and Freddie Fishfield have a bit fun and give Tom the Map of Milkenshland.


Tom and Tim use the map to break into Milkenshtown, despite their unallowed.

"Matt Miars"Edit

They were caught in Milkenshtown by Quelfree and sent to work for Matt Miars in the Castrophic Student Working Program for 2 months.

"Samuel the Duelling Champion"Edit

Thomas Joshman looks into Bendrist's old memory of Samuel Petrellico leaving Milkenshland.

"The Cigam Council"Edit

A few members of the Cigam Council meet Tom.

"The Not-Criminal"Edit

Harold ForHenry visits and reveals he isn't actually a criminal, and that he's Tom's uncle.

"Bendrist's Battle"Edit

A huge battle breaks out in Bendrist's office and Cedric Quelfree kills the headmaster.


Tom asks questions to Harold ForHenry about his past.


And thats when Tom left Milkenshland, Will Tom break the Bracelet of Future, snap the Superior Wand, and smash the Pearl of Power. THOMAS JOSHMAN AND THE QUEST TO DEATH